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10 really awesome reasons why a dog is right for you

 I am here to tell you 10 really really good reasons why a dog is STILL right for you & your family

As we go through these, keep fresh in your mind your health. (Mental & Physical)

1. Unconditional Love. Yea that’s right, that sweet dog who just chewed up your very best shoes LOVES YOU. I once heard a saying that goes “Home is where somebody runs to greet you.” That my friend, is going to be your furry companion. They will have an unbreakable bond to you & your family.

2. Security. There are times growing up where you are left home alone. That’s when the scary thoughts of robbers, strangers knocking on your doors, and weird sounds coming from you basement all seem very real. Having a dog settles those fears, they give you company and at the right times (if trained properly) can scare away people who aren’t meant to be there.

3. Stress Levels. I STILL say “Stay calm and hold a puppy” I stand by that! There has been few stress relievers that I can say compare up to cuddling a soft puppy. Dogs a literal blessings of this earth. You’ll catch yourself in the most toughest situations & your dog will be there for you to vent to. Yes, I’ve had full on conversations with my dog. Your mental wellness will increase!

4. Exercise. I bet you have thought to yourself, “hm I probably should exercise…” and the next thing you know your eating a bag of Doritos and dip watching your 9th episode of who knows what on Netflix. Have no fear, your new personal trainer runs on four paws! Don’t be intimidated, but yes, DOGS  NEED EXERCISE and SO DO YOU! It’s probably the most fun you’ll have while exercising as you see your furry friend leaps and bound because it’s so happy to finally be going out.

5. Responsibility & Patience. I can’t think of a better way to teach kids about responsibility than to have them help out in taking care of a dog. Don’t have any kids? This goes for your spouse too! In my opinion, there’s no better way to prepare yourself for an even bigger responsibility!  You will learn a lot together, how to handle the chores, training and exercise of a puppy, consider it a couples bonding course 🙂


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