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10 really awesome reasons why a dog is right for you

6. Their nose knows. Dogs have been able to detect the threatening illness of cancer. It has been been said that a dog’s sense of smell is up to a million times stronger than a human, I personally have always trusted my dog when it came to her sense of smell.

7. Life savers. Not only in the way of easing your scattered brain but literally too. So many stories of dogs rescuing their humans, big or small breeds, I believe it’s all about the love. In the middle of the night my beloved Labrador came running into my room and jumped on my bed. (She never gets on my bed!) I woke up immediately and I’ve never seen her so alert before! She had me follow her into our dining room where my poor 13 year old blind cat had himself tangled up in my drawstring bag, to the point where he was strangling himself. Luckily I was able to untangle him & he was unharmed & I thank my loyal pup for that.

8. Service. Different breeds can be a huge part of services. Weather it’s leading the blind, detecting oncoming seizures, finding the lost, bomb sniffers, herding breeds, hounds, or even for transportation, there is no doubt that they all love to act in service! (Even if that may just be laying on the floor so you can pet them to calm down;))

9. Company. In so many ways your dog will give you company. That loneliness that you feel in your house, don’t feel it? Because right now you don’t even know it exists! Dogs will make a house into a home. They are your company and your companion.

10. Judgement free zone! You lovable pup isn’t going to matter if you’re half way dressed, no-make up, and hair pulled into the messiest of all buns. Nope not one bit. They just want know you’re alive still breathing & still love them. There will also be days you are going to be at your wits end. Guess who is going to be the one who detects it? Your loving four-legged friend. They will be there even before you know that you need them. I swear dogs listen & you just somehow feel better talking to them. They won’t judge you, they will only love you.

 Has your decision changed?

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