Tim Tam Slam

It’s May in Utah so you know what that means?

It means one day you’re in shorts, flip flops & getting a Snocone & the next day it’s back to 48 degree & everyone is in sweats & comfy boots.

Today is one of those back-to-winter days..

So as Shane & I bundled up to go out for our weekly Saturday errand runs, when we both started craving our favorite classic winter treat.

The Famous…

Tim Tam Slam!

Tim Tam Slam

Ok so people who DO know what this is are probably drooling just reading about it, but those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about..WARNING… YOU WILL BE ADDICTED.

What you’ll need:

♦Arnott’s Original Chocolate Cookies (Also known as Tim Tams)

♦Stephen’s Hot Chocolate (2 tablespoons)

♦Nestle Coffe-Mate Creamer(2 tablespoons)

♦Milk (1 cup)


♦Cereal Bowl

Step 1. Make the Hot Chocolate

-Pour hot chocolate powder, milk, & creamer into a cereal size bowl, mix together and then microwave for 1 minuet. The trick with how long you microwave is you want it to the point where you can see steam, & should be too hot to drink by itself (this is important for later)

Step 3.  Prep the Cookie

-You’re going to bite the two opposite corners of the cookie;


Step 4. The SLAM

Sit yourself down and prepared to be amazed, take your bitten Tim Tam & use it like a straw in your hot hot chocolate, by sucking through one of the bitten ends. You’ll want to suck until you can taste the hot chocolate in your mouth & at that point stop sucking and put the entire cookie into your mouth & the rest is magic ♥

**Life Hack: OK new discovery! So Ever since Shane got home from his mission in 2013 these have been said to be “impossible to find”It was a guarantee to get them at World Market, but I recently ran into them at Walmart (same brand!) for half the price! Selected Walmart stores, but most Targets have them too! (Just a little more pricey!)



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