10 really awesome reasons why a dog is right for you

Hello my lovely soon-to-be (if not already;)) dog lovers!

Lets face it, at one point or another we have all ran across that cute Instagram account or Pinterest Pin where right in front of you is the sweetest angelic puppy with big wide eyes just begging for your love.

The next minute you’re looking up “ways to convince your spouse/parent to get a puppy”

(been there done THAT!)

Most likely you will get “the talk” on the hard work, attention and exercise a dog needs. Which are all TRUE, hard work is required! That doesn’t matter because you’re too preoccupied looking up the nearest adoption center to get your hands on your new furry best friend.


maybe you’ve been looking for a pawed friend, but too scared to commit?

This post is for you too!!!

Lets switch to another angle for a second…

Mortified your spouse/child has been begging for that barking, slobbery, hyper allergic hair ball that drags dirt everywhere! What can you do to convince them that they are in fact a house-destructive maniac.

Your brain goes off the wall with reasons why absolutely NOT!

(click next to see if these are your fears!)


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