There is something about spring where I feel rejuvenated, ready to start something big, huge and go at it with full force.

Health has been top notch so I really am feeling invincible.

This amazing weather is just making me want to spend every second that I can outside.

Spring has me constantly thinking about little babies, gardens & the Gosple.

At the end of February my sister had her first baby, Jackson Glenn Lafortune

And he is perfect in every way. I love holding little babies, and am I the only one who thinks they smell amazing?!

baby jackson (136 of 139)

baby jackson (12 of 139) baby jackson (49 of 139) baby jackson (112 of 139) baby jackson (115 of 139) baby jackson (138 of 139)

I had the opportunity to take pictures of him, but really, how perfect is he?!

I got hooked into the FitBit craze, I just constantly want to run or walk now! (Pretty sure Shane is going nuts!)

So with all this nice weather, exercise has been constantly on my mind, I’ve been doing cardio regularly (doctors orders)

I love it though, I love running, biking, dancing, lifting…all of it to get my blood flowing.

I’m way sad because I’ve put two huge things on the back burner…Yoga & My Blog.

With work being as insane as it is, I feel like my days are: Work-out, get ready, work, eat & workout, sleep


So a minute that I get to squeeze in some writing is a huge success

Last week being Easter and this weekend being Conference I’ve been on Gospel overload

I really wish everything I’ve heard or any thought that came into my head was somehow saved perfectly

“Keep trying, keep trusting, keep believing, keep growing.

Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow and forever.” -Jeffery R. Holland

They all seemed to have a theme, Heavenly Father loves us and wants us on the right track, he will never leave you & will always be there to help you back up when you ask for it.

Families are forever, they are so important; always keep the Temple in your sight.


(I’ll try to compose another post about Conference later)

For now, please enjoy the days we have good weather, enjoy the beautiful natures, the sweet smell of flowers & remember that somebody loves you




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