San Diego- Part I

Going through all the photos on my computer I decided I needed to back track a little bit & share our First Anniversary Pictures! We had a blast traveling up & down the California coast. I wanted to dedicate this post to one of the days spent down in San Diego at the San Diego Zoo!

FYI Kids get in free all of October, which is a good side note to have whether or not you have kids 😉

Reasons why I’d go back to San Diego Zoo:

  1. The place is huge- you can get through everything is one day but you can’t really soak it all in, it would be a blast to try one of the “Special Experiences” next time
  2. Not only is the place huge but the animals are ACTIVE! They’re not all sleeping around & hiding, they’re out and about
  3. I’m all about the babies! I’d love to go back when more babies are born

My favorite were the Panda Bears (all of the bears) of course 🙂 we actually waited for over an hour for the Polar Bear but for some reason he wasn’t in the exhibit that day, so the Polar Bear Statue was the closest I got


If I hadn’t played Zoo Tycoon growing up I would called these creatures aliens but the striped guy is actually an Okapi & the longed-neck creatures are Gerenuks! (In Somali meaning “Long-Necked)

Otter Play date

Flamingos & their gorgeous colors

Always the classic Zebra and Giraffe, I’ll never get over their patterns

Pretty sure if I had a Koala napping on my lap all day work would be a breeze everyday


Look at that Toucan #hearteyes

So many different aviaries inside the Zoo! I was in Bird Heaven!

I’d choose spending a day with a Gorilla over an Orangutan ANY DAY.  But I didn’t think it was fair to just be snapping pics of the Gorillas while the Orangutans just watched. So anywho I faced my fear (yes I have an actual fear) walked right up to the glass where this gal was sitting, I held up my camera & she gave me THE BIGGEST smile ever. Not even a year year later, Janey, passed away due to heart complications- I was happy I would have this memory of her.

Shane’s favorite part of the Zoo were all the reptile exhibits, they have anything and everything

All the cats were cool, & all of my pics have the same wire fence in front…

Momma & Baby Hippo sleeping


One thing I am really going to focus on is my camera work, one reason why I hadn’t posted anything from the Zoo was because I honestly didn’t like any of the pictures I took. As soon as I started following The San Diego Zoo on Instagram I instantly wanted to burn all of the photos, go back and take new ones. I’ve always wanted to get behind the scenes of this zoo & be able to capture the types of photos that on on their IG, maybe one day I’ll be able to 😉

Thanks for reading!

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