Positive Vibes List #2


Tis the season for colds, sweats & tissues!

Shane & I both had our rounds of getting sick this winter season BUT there’s always a bright side when you are stuck in bed! So I decided to cure my sickness with a little bit of positive-ness…

1. Husbands– This could probably be listed every time but you can’t help but smile when you’re sick & you having a loving person there to take care of you (plus put up the Christmas Lights!!)

2. Soft Tissue– A comfy tissue is everything, please love yourself enough to go buy a brand that isn’t going to leave you looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

3. Sherlock Holmes TV series/Netflix– So I can say I’m definitely grateful for TV shows! Not recommended to watch a Sherlock  episode while you’re only half awake and drugged on Nyquil but definitely worth while you’re recuperating. We became obsessed.

4. Hot Chocolate– It’s warm & it’s chocolate so it makes the list ok? I could stop here but I won’t….ever tried Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate? Thank me later.

5. Music– Always helps me sleep, read, draw & you can’t really beat Christmas Music when outside is a Winter Wonderland, it’s so magical

6. Tortilla Soup– Need I say more? (Thank you Cafe Rio!!)

I don’t think I’m alone with being sick this month, what are you grateful for when you’re sick?

**Side note pictures in post are not mine but found from traderjoes.com caferio.com & alishenciya.tumblr.com/post/18953029232**

Giving Thanks

Ok here’s a plunge into my brain of rapid fire of things I’m grateful for:

Shane’s unconditional love, really what would I do with someone who couldn’t handle all my craziness?

Families, somehow I got blessed into the most amazing family & married into another incredible one, I’m constantly surrounded by some of the most unbelievable people

The Gospel, seeing what it’s like to live a life without the Gospel vs. with the Gospel there’s the biggest contrast & I’m grateful for the peace & comfort it gives me

Homemade food, Crock Pots have become my new best friend

Medicine, DayQuil has saved me the last couple of days

Fleece Blankets, no need to say more

Good Playlists, Spotify rescues me everyday at work

Friends, they’re all too good to me, thanks for always listening

Weddings, makes me appreciate Shane all over again, always reminds me of our perfect wedding day

 Kind people, don’t ever take these people for granted

Good Health, I thank the Lord everyday that I can get up & get ready without passing out

Christmas Lights, they just brings me so much joy & give me the chills

TV in the kitchen, life is pretty great when I can indulge my Pretty Little Liars obsession & clean at the same time

& millions more, it was just what I was able to get out of my brain before I hit the bed.  Goodnight.


Positive Vibes List #1

I find that the more I focus on the happier positive things in life the hard trials are easier to take on…

My Positive List.. #1

Ability to pay for billsThis one has been on my mind a lot lately, with sudden bills from specialists & hospitals, I’m so grateful that Shane & I both have incomes to support us.

Finding  new yummy places to eatBetween Park Cafe for Breakfast & EvenStevens for Lunch we are pretty much in heaven around the clock

My JobI work with some of my closest friends, it doesn’t get much better than that

Feeding the Ducks at the Park

Staying up all night conversing with your best friend

Listening to PodcastsSerial Anyone?

Hugging a Baby Alpaca

Conquering Lake Blanche

Watching Summer Sunsets

Sunday Naps

Homemade Popcorn 

Dinner made by Shane


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Date Night Up in Park City


When you ask your husband to take a picture of you & the Alpaca

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Best Conference Quote


Lake Blanche

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Sunset Paradise


Park Walks


Shane is a Sushi Chef

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Feeding the Ducks @ dusk


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