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Diving into November there has been many new changes

We left our perfect little loft/tree house/den in Sugarhouse & moved into Shane’s parents house while they leave to serve their mission in New Zealand

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There were so many mixed emotions with this ever since Shane & I got married. When we first talked about moving there I said yes immediately, helping them out, saving money, & being able to live in their gorgeous home was a dream to me.

As time went on & we moved into our first place together, the thought of leaving our Loft gave me so much sadness. Our little place was the perfect size for the two of us, no neighbors, beautiful scenery & everything was new! The thought of leaving got harder & harder.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Moments came up when talking to him mom how there might be other people who could benefit from their place better than Shane & I. Blessing right? If that happened we wouldn’t have to move! As the year went on Shane & I had our own personal financial goals, where we wanted to be at the end of the year & what we wanted saved for a down payment for a home.

Life hits hard.

 When I felt like everything was in place & we were on the right track, I got severely sick. Medical bills piled from all angles & we watched our savings account slowly drain as insurance couldn’t even help. It was heartbreaking for both of us to work continuously, budget & see no financial growth.

Moving into the house seemed more like a blessing everyday & letting go of our first place got a little bit easier as Shane & I talked about our future.

 As Shane & I talked, the stress dissolved. There have been so many variables especially over the next couple of years who knows what could happen.

As scary as it all was, I’ve come to realize that this is only the beginning

Bring on new adventures.

“The only thing that remains constant is change”




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