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Giving Thanks

Ok here’s a plunge into my brain of rapid fire of things I’m grateful for:

Shane’s unconditional love, really what would I do with someone who couldn’t handle all my craziness?

Families, somehow I got blessed into the most amazing family & married into another incredible one, I’m constantly surrounded by some of the most unbelievable people

The Gospel, seeing what it’s like to live a life without the Gospel vs. with the Gospel there’s the biggest contrast & I’m grateful for the peace & comfort it gives me

Homemade food, Crock Pots have become my new best friend

Medicine, DayQuil has saved me the last couple of days

Fleece Blankets, no need to say more

Good Playlists, Spotify rescues me everyday at work

Friends, they’re all too good to me, thanks for always listening

Weddings, makes me appreciate Shane all over again, always reminds me of our perfect wedding day

¬†Kind people, don’t ever take these people for granted

Good Health, I thank the Lord everyday that I can get up & get ready without passing out

Christmas Lights, they just brings me so much joy & give me the chills

TV in the kitchen, life is pretty great when I can indulge my Pretty Little Liars obsession & clean at the same time

& millions more, it was just what I was able to get out of my brain before I hit the bed.  Goodnight.


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