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I write to inspire...

Intro to Introvert

We need both people in the world, Introverts & Extroverts

One is not better than the other


Dear introverted friends,

I am here to tell you, that you are not weird or a rude person. You don’t need to be FIXED into something you don’t want to be. Don’t exhaust yourself. Love the way you are, learn to say no. Realize the difference between alone and being lonely. You are so special. You are the person people come to when they need advice. You are reliable & genuine. Your thoughts are deep. Don’t ever think that the louder person is better than you. Your talent is unique, you see & feel things that others don’t. Invest in people who understand you. They will love you unconditionally. You can be successful, being introverted is NOT a limit. Discover the things in life that make you happy & you’ll be unstoppable.

With so much love,


Inspired by: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, written by Stephen Chbosky

Listening to: It’s Time – by Gavin Mikhail Tribute to Imagine Dragons


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