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Positive Vibes List #2


Tis the season for colds, sweats & tissues!

Shane & I both had our rounds of getting sick this winter season BUT there’s always a bright side when you are stuck in bed! So I decided to cure my sickness with a little bit of positive-ness…

1. Husbands– This could probably be listed every time but you can’t help but smile when you’re sick & you having a loving person there to take care of you (plus put up the Christmas Lights!!)

2. Soft Tissue– A comfy tissue is everything, please love yourself enough to go buy a brand that isn’t going to leave you looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

3. Sherlock Holmes TV series/Netflix– So I can say I’m definitely grateful for TV shows! Not recommended to watch a Sherlock  episode while you’re only half awake and drugged on Nyquil but definitely worth while you’re recuperating. We became obsessed.

4. Hot Chocolate– It’s warm & it’s chocolate so it makes the list ok? I could stop here but I won’t….ever tried Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate? Thank me later.

5. Music– Always helps me sleep, read, draw & you can’t really beat Christmas Music when outside is a Winter Wonderland, it’s so magical

6. Tortilla Soup– Need I say more? (Thank you Cafe Rio!!)

I don’t think I’m alone with being sick this month, what are you grateful for when you’re sick?

**Side note pictures in post are not mine but found from traderjoes.com caferio.com & alishenciya.tumblr.com/post/18953029232**

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