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Why I Write



I get into these moods that inspire me to write. I probably can’t even count how many drafts I have on my account, I’ll write, then stop, re-write & by the time I want to post it’s definitely too late & by then I’ve already written five other up-to-date posts.

I feel like I’m a lot better at taking pictures & posting those than I am about just writing about things going on.

I usually read other peoples blogs to get inspired, turn on my music & just go for it. Unfortunately, sooner rather than later I’m distracted by something else.

I wanted to drag this post towards why I personally write & post.

Fun fact for you, this is actually my fourth blog. I’ve gone about them in all sorts of different ways but I started this one from scratch. Creating the website itself, & moving it onto Word press.

It started back to my senior year of high school when I took a creative writing class, you had a journal & just wrote. If you wanted to you could share. Just like anyone, high school was a very tricky time for me, finding out who I was & where I fit in. Full of plenty of mixed emotions I wrote down a lot of my feelings, or took those feelings & turned them into stories. I felt like the more I wrote, the better I felt. Not that I ever thought I was any good, it just always just a way for me to get my feelings out. Some of my friends would read my entries, & they’d tell me that I was a good writer. I even had a written entry go into our Rambler (A book that our High school would publish, full of short stories, poems, photographs and such.) It made me feel good that something that came so naturally to me other people liked.

So anyways it’s like my therapy, I love to write. I’ll admit, I don’t have a large vocabulary of words, I’m sure some English majors could look at my entries & find plenty of grammar mistakes or broken rules of writing the English language (that’s a thing I’m pretty sure), but that’s not really what I’ve specialized in so I don’t really care what’s correct or not.

I decided to start this blog at the beginning of this year because I’ve always had the impression of wanting to inspire others, I want people to read my entries and be like WOW, I want to go and try something new. Well, I’ll admit, running a blog or posting a ton of entries in a week is pretty much my weak spot. Like I said, I write these things down but hardly anything makes it to the final draft. So let me apologize for my “inspiring words” not being so inspiring.

I love writing others, over the past couple months, people have reached out to me with their trials. As heart-breaking as some people’s stories are, I love being the one people turn to. I love to listen to peoples stories, how they’ve handled situations or over-came something difficult. That’s all I’ve ever wanted this blog to be & people are inspiring me left & right!

Please don’t stop writing me

**This week: I want you to take 5 minuets (at least) every evening for yourself. To reset & refresh. Find a quiet place without any distractions whatsoever, & focus on your breathing. The trick with this, is not to think at all, to center your mind & to let everything from the day go.**

Love yourself a little more.


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