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Yoga // Do something that scares you

 I’m absolutely in love with yoga,

It immediately calms my mind from racing, I find my own balance & get in a good workout

About three classes ago my teacher decided introduce to our class to inversions*, not too bad right?


I’m absolutely terrified of balancing upside down

 I have this fear of my neck snapping or hurting my back, 

So of course, I completely bailed on this part of class, I didn’t even try.

I HATED that feeling of restriction.

As I watched the other people in my class start to go into their inversions, my yoga instructor told me,

“People feel different emotions while doing inversions, some people get excited, some panic, others get mad.”

I definitely panicked. 

As I kept watching I remembered a quote I had read earlier in the day:

“do something once a day that scares you”

  I knew that I needed to get over this “fear”,

while I was home alone one evening I decided to tackle the worst thing in the world, the dreaded headstand.

I got down into a crouched position, tucked my head in towards my neck & placed my head on the floor with my hands on the ground next to my ears for balance.

Nope nope NOPE, I was frozen.

I decided to read other blogs to find out step-by-steps to accomplishing this what seemed simple headstand

(I know, I felt pathetic)

This time I got down to my forearms, I latched my fingers together,  placed my head in the middle, found my balance spot, and started to kick my legs up in the air.

(I wish I had this on video because I knew this looked hilarious)

After a couple solid fails I started to get frustrated, I was kicking my legs up but then my body would snap back down out of fear.

My problem at this point was that I am so terrified of over correcting & landing on my back.

Blogs had suggested going up against a wall,

which I thought was a good idea until I realized that having my head that close to a wall, claustrophobia started to set in.

I was having a down right panic attack alone in our house.

Once I started to breathe I thought to myself,

why is the exact reason I want to do something so badly that causes this type of anxiety?

My answer was, I hated feeling like I had a limit, a cap.

That restrictive feeling is one that I am not at all comfortable with.

Ok I KNOW I’m talking about a simple headstand that every 5 year old can do, but I learned something from this simple action.

My point from this is, my entire fear was mental.

The deep rooted fear of getting hurt.

Yes, I could possibly get hurt doing a headstand, BUT I finally figured out that if I was careful enough & moved slowly that I could keep in control on exactly what my body was doing.

I’ll admit it took a good solid failed attempts on falling over to realize that the slower I went the more progress I’d eventually have.

Once I sat back from the wall took a minuet to reevaluate how exactly get my legs up in the air, I broke down each step.

I took a deep breathe, got into position next to the wall & kicked my legs up.

My legs hit the wall, I was so excited I was screaming upside down.

That excitement hit me harder than the fear did

Once I practiced a few more times, soon I was kicking up and balancing in a fluid motion.

My whole point of this post is that we all have those weird restrictions that we put on ourselves, and if you don’t well then I applaud you.

The feeling of accomplishing/over-coming something that once restricted you is an amazing feeling,

I can guarantee you will feel so good about yourself.

Challenge #1 Go out and do something that down right scares you

Next, email me about it! Or comment below! I want to hear your simple success stories!!

*Inversion- Yoga positions that put you upside down, requires a lot of balance






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